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Software - Building Inspector

Building Inspector is designed to assist inspectors work to the new inspection standard and achieve significant improvements in efficiency & productivity. It can be used with almost any Windows based PC but is specifically designed for use with a Tablet PC or Ultra Mobile PC.

Tablets and UMPC's allow the ease of tick & tap so you can take advantage of pen based screen entry rather than typing. However, you can still manually type or even use voice entry, depending on the environment and device being used.

The Features

  • Direct input of observations on site
  • Automatic generation of a descriptive type-written report for the client
  • Includes pre-inspection agreements AS 4349.1 calls for, along with a disclaimer editable by the inspector
  • Defect descriptions covering most problems seen in each part of homes - which can be fully customised by the inspector
  • Facility for optional inclusion of digital photographs
  • Record specific limitations on inspecting particular features of a building
  • Flexibility to generate complete or defect-only reports
  • Properties on a single or strata/company title
  • Built on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (4GB Database Limit)

The Benefits

  • Booking jobs: An Administration module included, which can be run on a separate computer to allow a Secretary to take bookings for jobs and key in the necessary client, agent & property details for exporting to the Inspector.
  • Record management: Built-in databases to enable store, search & retrieval of job details along with marketing data for future use by Secretary and Inspector.
  • Help for running a pre-purchase inspection business: Tips for Inspectors are included to assist in making a success of running a pre-purchase inspection business.
  • Transaction summary facilities allow recording & analysis of fee payments & summary extractions for your ATO's BAS requirements.

Building Inspector Version Comparison Table

(Pricing correct as of October 1, 2009) Single User Multi User/Franchise

Direct Input on site via touch screen or keyboard

Automatic generation of descriptive professional reports

Ability to include digital photographs

Flexibility to customise the program to your needs

Administration module

Advanced import-export facilities


Multiple Inspectors can work on same Inspection


Data merge facilities


Retail Price for Principle Licence (includes first year's maintenance & licence fee) Inc GST

$878.90 $1758.90

Annual Maintenance & Licence Fee Inc GST

$192.50 $324.50

Additional User Activation (includes up to 12 months maintenance & licence fee) Inc GST


Additional User Activation Annual Maintenance & Licence Fee Inc GST


Order Building Inspector Single User


Order Building Inspector Multi User/Franchise


Order Building Inspector Multi User/Franchise - Additional User Activation


* Annual Maintenance & Licence Fee enables use of the software and access to program updates during the licence period.

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